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Since childhood Ali has been sensitive to energy and this enabled him to tap into the source of unlimited power and wisdom that we all have access to, but somehow lost our connection along the way. Ali's journey of self discovery began 25 years ago and his own experience and growth is reflected in his coaching, teachings and mentoring. Ali offers a wide range of mindfulness techniques such as various Active & Silent Meditations, Family Constellation work, Reiki and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for those who are willing to remove the obstacles that they experience in their lives.

These techniques have enabled Ali himself, as well as many others, to put an end to survival and start to thrive. Ali understands the obstacles and blockages that we experience in our lives are mainly rooted in our mind, emotions and our families. The cause of our struggles and challenges that we face lay within ourselves.

"The way to shift our lives and unblock our true potential and pass on to a more positive direction is to look inside not out!" - Ali Tabrizi 

Ali is delighted to help individuals who are willing to take the steps towards healing and shifting their lives for the better and holds your hand all the way to lightness, joy, energy, love and laughter.


Feeling frustration, despair, hopelessness and helplessness as he was growing up in his Motherland, set a burning desire in Ali to search for answers to his questions about life, happiness, peace and in general the reason for living that nobody could answer.
He had been subjected to difficult experiences during his childhood and adult life and the only words that was echoing louder and louder inside his head were: "Why? Why me?" 

Eventually his yierning for the meaning of life and his desire to find a solution for his misery, fueled also by his sensitivity, led him to discover another world inside himself which has the direct connection to the outer world we live in.

His journey of meditation and yoga opened many doors. He traveled to India at the age of 21 and visited "Osho Meditation Resort" which was a pivotal moment in his spiritual journey and his search for meaning. Subsequently, at the age of 29 and a direct result of his Osho awakening, Ali managed to leave Iran and arrived to the U.K to pursue his passion for creativity and freedom of expression. Even though he was forced to study and qualify as a Civil Engineer back in Iran, soon after residency in the U.K, he completed his Art Foundation studies and Ba A (Hons) in Spatial/Interior Design.
He worked 9 years in London as an Interior Designer in one of the most prestigious design companies in the world; Alexander McQueen.

"I feel my creativity, inspirations and ideas don't belong to me. I act as a vessel or a channel for the source to flow through me and manifest itself. That's why I am most of the time surprised and sometimes even in tears when I see the outcome" - Ali 

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