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Ali is truly inspirational.  His innate ability to provide and create a therapeutic space is also testiment to his own alignment to growth via adversity.  His life experiences and awareness makes way for our personal journey to unfold.  As someone who works with people (I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) I highly recommend the experience with Ali.  He provides a safe space to allow for personal trauma and that of trauma in the family system.  I benefited from the experience, I am continuing to benefit from the experience.  Family Constellations is something to experience especially with someone so gifted. I will come again. - T.N.P-D

I have been experiencing a number of personal issues relating to relationships with family members and my self-belief and found myself guided to trying Ali’s Family Constellation workshop. I had no idea what to expect. What Ali provided was a very special experience like nothing I have tried before. Working with total strangers, Ali created a safe space for us to interact and engage in each other’s lives and relationships. Ali excellently guided each of us in interpreting what was going on. My session was crystal clear. I released all the emotions and negative energy that I had been carrying before starting. I left the workshop feeling at peace, relaxed in my body and empowered to move forward. Thank you, Ali, for creating such a blessed space. I highly recommend trying it out for yourself. - N.F.

From the moment I arrived I felt Ali's compassion for everyone taking part in the Family Constellation Workshop. I had the sense that our souls were laid bare, with much old, deep pain being revealed within us and from the generations that have gone before... Thank you Ali, for creating this beautiful experience in my life. - Robin

​"Something clicked deep in my unconscious mind. The feeling of love during the workshop stayed with me for weeks after too. Ali planted something like a beautiful seed in my heart and it's still growing after the workshop. Thank you so much, Ali!" -Anjie

Thank you so much Ali for the opportunity to participate in your Family Constellation Session. I would describe the feeling as having recovered access to one piece of my soul. I found it to be very powerful and enriching as I move forward on my personal journey. Truly, this is the first time ever that I have experienced a noticeable shift. - Fabien

It was magical to participate and see people’s blocks disappear in the process and see them all lighter and released from the chains of the stories of their family. They can now fly high. What a gift family constellation is to humanity. - M.M

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